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How To Play To Your Mental Edge

Jan 02, 2023

When I say “mental” I’m talking about the mind (often referred to as the ego). Your Ego is your sense of self. I can honestly say that I don’t quite have a full grasp on the ego yet but I remember talking to my spiritual life coach and she used to say to me.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we Are spiritual beings having a human experience”

At the time I didn’t quite understand what that meant and this led me down a rabbit hole of basically trying to search up everything regarding the ego until I stumbled upon a video that really outlined it perfectly. The video goes on to illustrate the fact that the spiritual essence of our soul can’t interact with the physical world it can only be an observer, (so to use a metaphor to make a point,) in order to interact and live within this physical plane, we are given this “bodysuit” that our spiritual essence wears so that we can have this human experience we call life.

This “bodysuit” also comes equipped with a human mind (our brain) and to use a car as an analogy, your car has a built-in electrical system that indicates whenever there’s a problem. You get a light indicator when you’re low on gas, when you need an oil change when there’s something wrong with your engine etc.

Your brain is the equivalent of this system, it notifies you whenever you’re hungry, whenever you’re tired or when you’re in danger. This is the ego, governed by our 5 physical senses and its job is to ensure the survival of your “bodysuit”.

This is where things become a slippery slope, remember, the ego is part of a “physical costume” that your spiritual self wears, it’s not who you are (basically it’s Halloween every day for your true self). So the more we start to identify with our physical form the more of a need we have for fulfilling our physical senses and lose sight of who we truly are.

How we lose sight of our true self

When it comes to taste, we’ve become gluttonous, overeating or eating things that are no good for us

When it comes to touch, the physical act of sex is rarely done with the intention of love and cultivating a spiritual connection – but rather a means of fulfilling sexual desires and gaining instant gratification.

When it comes to sight, this too has lost its meaning in the sense that we look at people but we don’t truly see them for who they truly are, mainly because we have a hard time seeing our own true selves.

>When it comes to hearing, we often hear what’s being said but we’re not truly listening or paying attention anymore.

When it comes to smell, well I’ve got nothing for smell so I guess that one gets a pass.

My point is we treat these things like drugs because they make us feel good in the moment and then we crave and desire more of it but it’s our desires that make us suffer and through this suffering manifest fear (which is rooted in the ego) because your ego knows that your physical body has limits. but your spirit (which is your true self) has no limits and when we lean into that, we can start to create the lives we want.

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