Journey into Stillness: The Transformative Power of Sensory Deprivation in a Float Tank"

Journey into Stillness: The Transformative Power of Sensory Deprivation in a Float Tank"

Jun 19, 2024

In the midst of life's tumultuous waves, I stumbled upon an unexpected refuge – a Groupon for a float tank experience. Little did I know, this futuristic pod would become my sanctuary of stillness, offering profound insights and emotional healing during a challenging chapter in my life.


What is Sensory Deprivation?

Sensory deprivation, a concept that once seemed alien, involves immersing oneself in an environment devoid of external stimuli. The float tank, or isolation tank, is a vessel for this transformative experience. Picture a cocoon-like pod filled with warm water saturated with magnesium salts, creating an environment where individuals effortlessly float. The enclosed space eliminates external distractions, plunging participants into a world of complete darkness and silence.


Benefits of Sensory Deprivation:

  • Stress Reduction:
    • The absence of sensory input promotes relaxation, lowering cortisol levels and alleviating stress.
  • Enhanced Creativity:
    • The lack of external distractions allows the mind to wander freely, often leading to increased creativity and heightened problem-solving abilities.
  • Pain Relief:
    • The magnesium salts contribute to muscle relaxation, providing relief for chronic pain and tension.
  • Improved Sleep:
    • Regular sessions have been linked to improved sleep quality and relief from insomnia.


Personal Journey:

My first encounter with the float tank unfolded during a particularly tumultuous period in my life. Engulfed in a distressing argument with a significant other, I sought solace in the confines of the float tank. The pod, resembling an alien spacecraft from a 60s sci-fi movie, held the promise of immersive meditation for a full 60 minutes.


Emotional Transformation:

Entering the tank with a skeptical mind and a heart burdened by emotional turmoil, I embarked on a surprising journey of transformation. Familiar with the emotional scale from "Ask and It Is Given" by Abraham Hicks, my goal was neutrality. Emerging from the tank, however, I didn't find indifference; I found peace. It was as if the turbulent emotions had been cleansed, leaving behind a profound sense of clarity.


Managing Expectations:

Crucial to the sensory deprivation experience is acknowledging that each journey is unique. Subsequent floats offered relaxation, but none could match the profound impact of that initial session. Individual circumstances, emotional states, and expectations all contribute to the varying nature of each experience.


The Power of Meditation:

My journey with sensory deprivation served as a gateway to understanding the profound impact of meditation on emotional well-being. Alone in darkness, confronted with my thoughts, I navigated through the labyrinth of emotions, finding solace and clarity.



Sensory deprivation, particularly through float tanks, stands as a powerful tool for self-discovery and emotional healing. While individual experiences may differ, the potential for relaxation, introspection, and transformation makes this practice a valuable addition to one's wellness routine. The journey into stillness has proven to be an enlightening voyage for me, highlighting the transformative power of silence and self-reflection. As I continue to explore the depths of the float tank, I invite others to embark on their own journey into stillness and discover the myriad benefits that await in the embrace of sensory deprivation.



My first experiences ever with a float tank was years ago. I was in a really bad argument with an ex girlfriend of mine. we had been together for years but things at this point were becoming very rocky for us the constant fighting the lack of trust had definitely put a toll on our relationship. One night we got into a very bad argument, and I was flooded with a mix of emotions, heartbroken above all else. I had purchased this Groupon for a float tank experience (at this time sensory deprivation wasn't very popular and not a lot of places offer them) The float was 1 hour where you're enclosed in this giant pod that looked like an alien space ship from a cheesy 60s sci fic movie. inside was filled with warm water and mageniesim salt (allowing you to be boyent and float). Once the pod was closed , it's pitch black and you're there floating for 60 mins alone with your might call it an interactive immersive meditation experience. The longest I'd ever meditated was 20 mins, so I was interested to see what an hour would do to my mental state, cause at this time I was not in a good place emotionally. for those reading this, if you're familiar with the book "ask and it is given" by Arbham Hicks, you're familiar with the emotional scale, A coloured spiral chart with each colour representing your current mood. It's used as a way to assess where you are on the scale and how to pivot higher up on the scale to raise your vibrational frequency. Prior to the float, I'd say I was as low as one could get on the scale. Now when working with the scale in an attempt to raise your vibration, the book recommends that you don't try to jump up to higher, as this is too ambitious and highly unlike that you'd go from depressed to love and joy in one shot.....However after my 60 min experience, something amazing happened. I went in feeling depressed, Despair, and angry to feeling Neutral.....feeling nothing....which might sound bad, but it wasn't a feeling of indifference it was a feeling of peace as if my previous feelings had been washed away in the float tank and left in there as I stepped back out into the world. I felt absolute clarity unlike anything I had ever felt before. Now in saying that, I don't want to give off any high expectations and give the impression that a float tank experience is going to illicit these amazing happy go lucky feelings for you....this was just my experience. Since my first float, I've done the float tank 2 more times and while each time I felt nice and relaxed post float, nothing has been able to beat that first time....and I think a big reason for that was that I went in to the tank when I was at my absolute lowest state and felt completely lost.....but when you're forced to deal with your shit for an hour in darkness alone with your thoughts, you tend to find your way through your problems eventually. This whole experience was an eye opener for me as to how powerful meditation is.

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