How To Ace Your CMTO OSCE Exam: Treatment Plan & Consent

How To Ace Your CMTO OSCE Exam: Treatment Plan & Consent

Jul 04, 2024

In this station you’re required to is cater your speech to the condition laid out in the stem….ONCE AGAIN READ IT…. relate to the client, and formulate a coherent treatment plan for today and ongoing care. YOU MUST GET CONSENT HERE.

Script Example

Condition: Shoulder Pain

Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I’ll be your massage therapist student for today. So, what brings you in today? What are your goals?

Absolutely, so the massage today will be 1 hour and $100. It will be a treatment massage designed to help increase mobility and decrease your shoulder pain. I will be performing different types of advanced techniques like PNF, fascial work, trigger points, and friction.

You may feel sore after the massage for up to 24 hours, but that should subside. I will be focusing on your upper body, neck, shoulder, arm, back, and chest wall. Muscles like the biceps, triceps, forearm, deltoid, upper traps, rhomboids, pec major, and rotator cuff muscles.

The contraindication for this massage is not to force the joint capsule. If you choose not to get a massage, your mobility in your arm may decrease even further and bring greater pain. You may also consider seeing a physiotherapist or getting acupuncture.

I will undrape only the areas that I’m working on directly at that moment. I will check in on your comfort level throughout the massage. I use a pain scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain possible. I don’t want it to pass a 7, so if it does, please let me know.

Do you understand everything? Do you have any questions?

At the end of the treatment, I will go over a hydro treatment you can apply at home, like a heating pad for tight muscles. I will also suggest exercises you can do at home, like stretches to lengthen the muscles.

Please undress to your comfort level, leaving on your underwear. You may also leave your clothes on and still receive the benefits of the massage. Please get on the table lying face up (supine), and I will undrape to your axillary.

Do you have any questions? You have full control over this treatment; you can ask me to modify the techniques, ask for more or less pressure, or stop the treatment altogether.

Do I have your consent for sensitive areas? Do I have your consent to treat?

For ongoing treatment, I would like you to come in once every two weeks for the next two months. Your massage will continue to be 1 hour long. The goal is to obtain full range of motion in your arm and no pain. If I notice the massage isn’t helping with your progress, I will refer you to a physiotherapist.

Key Points to Remember: ABCDEFGH

Here’s what I developed to help me remember the key points to hit. 

A = Areas to Treat

  • Mention that they could undress to their comfort level.
  • Draping (only the areas being treated would be exposed).
  • Positioning and areas of pillow placement.

B = Benefits, Risks, Goals

  • Benefits of the treatment.
  • Risks.
  • Goals for the treatment.

C = Contraindications and Comfort Level

  • List contraindications if any.
  • Refer to the pain scale and state that if you go beyond a 7/10, please let you know.

D = Duration and Cost

  • How long the massage will be and the cost.

E = Empower the Client

  • Let them know they can stop or modify the treatment at any time.
  • Help them on/off the table if needed.

F = Frequency

  • How often they should receive a massage.

G = Get Consent

  • Very important! Do not forget this, especially for sensitive areas (they must actually sign off on it).

H = Hydrotherapy

  • Mention hydrotherapy treatments they can apply at home.

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